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"No Animal Left Behind"

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Our goal is "No Animal Left Behind"!!

Welcome to Boone County DART
Our goal is "No Animal Left Behind"
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What would you do if there was a fire, a flood or a natural disaster and you could not get your animals out?

That’s where we come in. We are Boone County  ‘D.A.R.T.’ - Disaster Animal Response Team. Our goal is “No Animal Left Behind”.

Please look on the following page to see How D.A.R.T. was formed.

In order to help, We are trained and Certified in D.A.R.T. and CERT's                                                             CERT’s - Community Emergency Response Team. Which is a community based team to help whatever way possible during a disaster.Both DART and CERT’s have training classes that you attend, that are one day a week for seven weeks. They hold training sessions twice a year. Both are non-profit organize.  Yes, this is all Volunteers. DART has approximately 12 volunteers.                                                                   We always need more volunteers.

In order to help you We need HELP first. We need Supplies. We are in need of a trailer, cages, medical supply, blankets towels and the list goes on. To help get this items we need, we have Fundraiser during the year.  Check Our calendar out to see where we‘ll be next. Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar. We take item Donations and always monetary donations. If you are not able to be at one of Our Fundraisers you can E-mail us @  or call 815.293.7387(Pets) to arrange for drop off or pickup place  


To Make a donation or if you have any questions you can reach us at: 


The concept of disaster animal response teams originated in 1992 in south Florida as the result of Hurricane Andrew which devastated Homestead and much of the greater Miami-Dade County area.  After the hurricane, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) along with several other animal welfare organizations found that no provisions had been made for the pets displaced by the disaster.  The HSUS embarked on a mission to develop “teams” that could work with emergency responders when disaster struck to ensure the rescue and proper sheltering of companion animals.  This was the birth of DART – Disaster Animal Response Teams.  Florida was the first to start DART development and now it is a nationwide trend.

When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and much of the northern Gulf Coast, we were again reminded of the inefficiencies that existed in most emergency response plans – they don’t include pets.  Public outrage and criticism from viewing scenes of people leaving their helpless pets behind in flooded areas and hearing that more than 40% of the people refused rescue because the rescuers would not take their pets with them sparked new Federal legislation.  The PETS Act of 2006 passed both houses of Congress overwhelmingly and was promptly signed into law by the President in October, 2006 – just one year after Katrina.  This Act provides that, if any emergency response agency requests federal funding, it must have in its plan a provision to rescue and shelter pets in disasters.  The State of Illinois promptly followed suit with the federal government and passed similar legislation signed into law by the Governor in January, 2007. 

The team that goes out into the disaster area and rescues animals that may be trapped or left behind.  The main goal is to get the animal out of harms way and into a controlled situation – a shelter.  This team requires search and rescue skills, animal handling skills, good animal instincts and generally good physical stamina.  Sheltering includes the physical sheltering of the animals, veterinary services, feeding, cleaning, walking and grooming.

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